Château Lauriga in the spotlight in the newspaper Le Luxe Rural published by Domaines Paul Mas!

Today, the Domaines Paul Mas are made up of 50 different grape varieties, planted across a mosaic of terroirs enjoying different microclimates across 15 domaines in the Languedoc-Roussillon. Our estate, Château Lauriga is one of them.

The discovery of Château Lauriga by

Jean-Claude Mas.

Jean-Claude Mas discovered this countryside in the course of his weekly round trips to take one of his daughters to school in Perpignan. He was smitten by it. He already had in his mind becoming involved with this rugged landscape, where the culture of the vine has been present for millenia. These round trips ended up convincing him.


Château Lauriga highlighted.

In this edition of the Journal du Luxe Rural, published in French and English, Jean Claude Mas highlights the Lauriga estate as a whole: the geography of the terroir, the wines of Roussillon, the viticulture, the winery…