Inside the Cellar

Inside The Cellar

A delight for the senses

Immerse yourself in a magical evening in the heart of the Château Lauriga’s cellars during our exclusive ‘Inside the Cellar’ event! A rare opportunity to combine the magic of an exceptional concert with the delicious taste of Domaine Lauriga’s wines, accompanied by the culinary delights of chef Pierre Cuberes from Bélesta.

Jazz music

Imagine being surrounded by the ancestral vaults of our winery, listening to the haunting notes of a jazz pianist from the group PERLOBO, while you taste our award-winning Château wines. But there’s more! Let us tempt you with an exquisite assortment of tapas carefully selected for this special occasion.

Inside the Cellar

Date : Thursday August 1st

Opening times : Starting at 6:30pm

Price : €39 / person
(excluding drinks)

By reservation only. Book now !

Domaine Lauriga

Traverse de Ponteilla RD 37 – 66300 THUIR

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