“Amis d’Alain Marinaro” Concert

“Amis d’Alain Marinaro” Concert


Join us on Tuesday, July 16, 2024, from 7pm, to discover the magical world of jazz during an exceptional concert by the “Amis d’Alain Marinaro” at Château Lauriga! Let yourself be transported by Muriel Perpigna Falzon’s spellbinding voice, which dances harmoniously with the melodies of Sébastien Flazon’s piano, for an unforgettable musical experience.


 “Amis d’Alain Marinaro” Concert

In the heart of our estate !


In an idyllic setting at the heart of our estate, come and discover these exceptional musical talents while sampling a selection of Domaine Lauriga’s wines carefully selected for the evening. Let the captivating ambience of jazz music sweep you away as you enjoy our fine wines, for an incomparable sensory experience.


Price: €12 / person (one glass of wine included)

Booking advised

Tickets sold at the Tourist Office of Thuir

Information and reservations :

07 49 77 00 56

Reservation possible directly with the music group

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